General Assembly 2022

General Assembly 2022

The EAFT GA took place online on 29 November. Henrik Nilsson presented the main points of the Annual report. This report and the financial report are available at EAFT site
All documents were approved by the members.

Election of Officers

Begoña Arrate (Basque Country), Henrik Nilsson (Sweden), Mojca Žagar Karer (Slovenia), Niina Nissilä (Finland), Úna Bhreathnach (Ireland) and Sandra Cuadrado (Catalonia) can continue as board members, and were suggested as members of the EAFT board. Anca Marina Velicu was thanked for her excellent work in the board: for her multilinguality, arrangements and organisational efforts, and for her work as a chairperson of the ITA. Elena Chiocchetti has consented to join the board as a new board member.      

Short bio of Elena Chiocchetti

Elena Chiocchetti is a senior researcher at the Institute for Applied Linguistics at Eurac Research in Bolzano, Italy. She holds a degree in English and German Translation studies from the University of Trieste and a PhD from the University of Bologna. As things go in life, she thought she would hate the internship in legal terminology that she applied for during her university studies. She was proven totally wrong, as she ended up loving the job and wanting for more! She has been in terminology for over 20 years now. Her research interests and national as well as international publications include topics like comparative legal terminology, terminology standardisation, and terminology databases. She has also worked and published in the domain of specialised translation and multilingual business communication. For a full CV and list of publications see:

Election of Auditors

Susanne Lervad and Maja Bratanic have done an excellent work as the auditors of the EAFT. Both have agreed to continue in this duty.
The minutes of the General Assembly will be soon available on the EAFT website.