Terminology: Domain Loss and Gain

Terminology: Domain Loss and Gain

International Conference, Brussels (Belgium) 20-21 April 2023 [and online] 

Ever since the concept of “domain loss” was launched in the Nordic countries in the 1990s, worries have continued that there are domains in which it is impossible to communicate without the use of English terms – or terms closely resembling English models. On the other hand, some languages have been successful in creating their own terminologies in a number of domains. 

The conference Terminology: Domain Loss and Gain aims to address both issues and welcomes theoretical discussions as well as practical examples of loss and gain. 

Among the topics that qualify are those of domain loss/gain in workplace communication, in higher education syllabuses, in e-commerce, in creole and pidgin languages etc. Also the role that official bodies and governments can or cannot play, for example via language planning, is a worthwhile subject for discussion. 

Further details are available on the conference website: https://domainlossandgain2023.eu.   

Abstracts are invited by 1 October 2022 and can be submitted using the template at https://domainlossandgain2023.eu/call-for-papers

The conference is co-organised by NL-Term, INT, EAFT and Infoterm. The conference languages are English, French and Dutch. Bilingual abstracts, in a conference language and another language, are also welcome.