EAFT Summit (16-17 November 2023). Call for presentations for the Open Session

EAFT Summit

EAFT, in collaboration with TERMCAT, is organizing the Eleventh Terminology Summit in Barcelona on 16-17 November, 2023.
The overall topic for the summit is: Terminology – Innovation and Sustainability. Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become part of our private lives and working lives. Terminological work and its dissemination are no exception. This is why we have thought it would be interesting for the international terminology community to open a debate about the impact of AI and the sustainability of all spheres of terminology work, from research all the way through to dissemination.
There will be three sessions covering different subtopics.


Innovation in terminological data structuring
The influence of the terminology awareness of mass media: best practices that foster the use of correct terms
AI and its impact in terminology
Innovative resources, projects and research


Terminometry. Implantation and the influence of the media
Terminology and return on investment
Domain loss, minority languages, endangered languages
Gender-sensitive language and terminology


 Sustainable innovation: what we can learn from the past
Looking back from today’s perspective
People who have left a legacy in terminology and their views regarding the new challenges
In each session there will be guest speakers, who at the end of the session will make up a panel and answer some preprepared questions, followed by a general discussion.
EAFT members are encouraged to suggest some speakers suitable for these sessions. We will appreciate your collaboration very much.

There will be also an open session (session 4) addressed to those professionals who want to share their experiences on the general topics proposed in a set time limit.

Call for presentations for the Open Session (4)MAY 19
Information required

  • Abstract in English or French (300 words) and in your national language must be sent to EAFT Secretariat term@eaft-aet.net together with:
  • Name/names of the speakers
  • Institution 

Pre- conference Catalan workshop: November 15
Summit: November 16-17
Preliminary programme and registration form will be available soon at http://www.eaft-aet.net. For further details, contact the EAFT Secretariat.