Terminology Science & Research TSR

Call for Papers


Terminology Science & Research is the journal of EAFT, the European Association for Terminology. The journal is an international scientific review that focuses on terminological research. The focus of the journal is on theoretical and applied terminology and terminology related research, teaching and training, management, tools and terminology policies.

The journal provides a publication channel for those actively engaged in terminology research, in terminology practice and in terminology teaching.

The primary publishing languages of the journal are English and French, but articles in other languages are also welcome in special issues. The editors are Niina Nissilä (University of Vaasa, Finland), Ùna Bhreathnach (Dublin City University, Ireland) and Anca-Marina Velicu (University of Bucharest, Romania).

The EAFT board invites proposals for articles which address the theme and the sub-themes of the EAFT Summit 2021:

Theme 1: Unpaid or volunteer terminology (Amateur terminologies. Volunteerism in terminology. Citizen science/crowdsourcing in terminology. Ethics of free/volunteer/amateur solutions. Training/management/motivation of volunteers/amateurs/citizens in professional terminology projects. Training professionals to work successfully with volunteers/amateurs/citizens. Terminology as a public good.)

Theme 2: Crisis terminology (Terminology in crisis situations, defined broadly: disasters, conflicts, mass migrations, health emergencies, financial and political crises… Priorities for terminology in resource-constrained crisis settings. Appropriateness of standard terminological activity in rapidly-changing crisis contexts. Tension between quality and speed/responsiveness. Politics of terminology. Transboundary nature of crisis and need for translation of terminology.)

Theme 3: The challenges of group term work (Consensus and mediation. Group term creation; expert groups. Facilitation. Term acceptance and implantation. Group and gender dynamics for term work.)

Theme 4: Terminology in minoritised or endangered languages (Terminology for language revitalisation/domain gain. Term implantation in minoritised languages. Open-source and citizen science approaches. Critically endangered languages.)

Theme 5: The cost of terminology (The cost of [lack of] good terminology. Supporting terminology work. Adding value. Sharing terminology. Free and inexpensive solutions: open-source and citizen science. Quality control when resources are limited. Return on investment in terminology. The professional identity of terminologists in the context of new work realities.)

Manuscripts of up to 8 000 words in English or French, which specifically address one or more of these themes, are invited. More information on formatting requirements can be found on the EAFTs/Journal website under the heading Guidelines. Manuscripts will be peer reviewed by the members the scientific committee of the Terminology Science & Reseach (TSR) journal and/or other reviewers, chosen by the editorial board.

Important dates /suggestions

  • Deadline for submission of full papers: July 15, 2022
  • Please submit your anonymised manuscript in English or in French in journal-eaft-aet.net.
  • Acceptance/Rejection notice: October 15, 2022
  • Final papers due: December 15, 2022
  • The special issue is scheduled to be published online and in open access format in the beginning of 2023