News about ELETO annual report 2022

News about ELETO annual report 2022

ELETO’s boards [Administrative board of ELETO (DS) and General Scientific Board (GESY)] had either 22 meetings, in which they examined various terminology matters. Specifically, GESY studied, validated and approved a large number of Greek terms or Greek equivalents of English terms, subsequently published in ELETO’s bimonthly newsletter “Orogramma” (issues No 171 to No 175) and inserted in the English-Greek Glossary of Terms "Terms on Fora".

During 2022, on its website (, ELETO continued offering free access to all of its terminology resources, specifically on the following web pages:

a.  All the papers presented in the bi-annual terminology conference “Hellenic Language and Terminology” organized by ELETO (13 conferences, 413 papers) (

b.  Termbases (

c.  Dictionaries and Glossaries (

d.  Terms on Fora ( .

ELETO keeps a fixed hyperlink for each terminology resource, so that it remains unaffected when uploading any new edition of that resource. Thus, the latest editions of the following glossaries have been uploaded:

–      Terms on Fora – English-Greek glossary of terms approved by ELETO (edition 21, containing 5.017 entries) (

–      English-Greek glossary of geological terms (edition 15.1, containing 1.325 entries) ( – Cooperation of ELETO with the Geological Society of Greece (GSG).

      English-Greek and Greek-English Glossaries of COVID-19 pandemic ( (edition 13, containing 1.397 entries).

ELETO and the Food Consumer and Sensory Lab of the Department of Food Science and Nutrition (DFSN) of the Universtity of The Aegean jointly elaborated an English-Greek glossary of terms and definitions of Sensory Analysis concepts (199 entries), which will soon be uploaded on ELETO’s website. The English terms of the glossary have been internationally standardized (ISO 5492:2008 Sensory analysis – Vocabulary).

All the terminology papers and resources uploaded on ELETO’s website (conference papers, articles, dictionaries and glossaries, termbases, etc.) are also freely available.

Check here the full report.