Brussels Declaration

The Brussels Declaration – for international cooperation on terminology was one of the most important outcomes of the first Terminology Summit (organized in Brussels on 12th to 15th June 2002). In this document a series of principles and possible actions to take in order to promote special language communication based on multilingualism are presented.

The intention of the EAFT was to create a document which would show the importance of terminology in society and which could be a useful document in different contexts. The Declaration was signed by representatives from a large number of terminology organizations:

Acaterm, AETER, AIT, Ass.I.Term, Bureau de la traduction, Bulterm, Cindoc, CTB, Colterm, Danterm, Deuterm, DTT, EAFT/AET, Eafterm, ELETO, ELOT, ELRA, Eter, GTW, Hungterm, IITF, ÍM, Infoterm, IPC, ISRDS, Jiamcatt, Korterm, LTT, NL-Term, Nordterm, Office de la langue française, Paraterm, Polterm, PRO-TLS, Radt, Realiter, Rifal, RITerm, Russian Terminology Association, Société française de terminologie,  Sprakradet, Nederlandse Taalunie, Termcat, Termigal, Termip, Termisti, TermNet, TermRom-Moldova, Termrom-Romania, TNC, TSK, Union Latine, Uruterm, Uzei, Venterm.

So far, the Brussels Declaration has been translated into the following langauges:

We think it very important that the Brussels Declaration become a truly multilingual document, and we would therefore like to ask anyone interested in doing so to please translate the Declaration and send it (together with the name of the organization responsible for the translation) to the EAFT secretariat so that we can publish it here.

It is, of course, still possible to support the Declaration, and the organizations that choose to do so will be listed on the EAFT website along with the different language versions of the Declaration.

The EAFT Board