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Spanish law 37/2007 (16 November 2007, on the reuse of public sector information, transposing European Union Directive 2003/98/EC), establishes rules governing the reuse of information held by public authorities and the bodies of which they have majority ownership, including the right for all potential actors in the market to reuse public sector information.

In accordance with these rules, EAFT allows the information on its website to be copied, distributed, publicly communicated or transformed subject to the general conditions listed below being met, and providing specific conditions are taken into consideration in cases where contents on its website have their own separate licences that take precedence.

To reuse EAFT's information, the following conditions must be observed.

a) Do not distort the meaning of the information.
b) Always cite the source of the information, but not in a way that suggests EAFT is a party to the reuse of information in question.
c) State the date of the information's latest update.

The reuse of information may be limited by other legal rights that take precedence, for instance the protection of personal data, privacy, or third parties' intellectual property rights. The reuse of content protected by intellectual property rights can be made possible through the use of free distribution licences such as Creative Commons or GNU-PL licences, which allow content to be reused in certain ways. Where this type of licence applies, contents may be reused according to the conditions stated in each particular case.

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