EAFT, in collaboration with TERMCAT, is organizing the Eleventh Terminology Summit in Barcelona on 16–17 November, 2023.

Summit 2023


Catalan programme

Day 1 INNOVATION 16 November





Natàlia Garriga, Minister of Culture of the Catalan Government
Teresa Cabré, President of the Institute of Catalan Studies
Henrik Nilsson, President of EAFT


Moderator: Henrik Nilsson

Generative AI Makes Terminology Management More Critical
Author: Arle Lommel
Institution: CSA Research

ChatGPT prompting in a university course on Terminology
Author: Barbara Heinisch
Institution: University of Vienna

Terminology in the Semantic Web: Automatic Converters
Authors: Paula Diez-Ibarbia; Patricia Martín-Chozas; Elena Montiel-Ponsoda
Institution: Universidad Politécnica de Madrid

Automating Term Management Activities with AI: A Case Study of Generative AI for Metadata Generation and Intelligent Terminology Extraction
Authors: Roberto Silva; Marta Callava
Institution: Amazon Web Services
Terminology Program Managers at Amazon AWS Marketing Localization and Training Localization, respectively


Coffee break


Moderator: Elena Chiocchetti

Ontologies in relation to terminology and innovative aspects connected to ontology work in terminology
Author: Laura Giacomini
Institution: University of Innsbruck

Terminology and the medical domain in the 21st century: weaving a tapestry of knowledge
Author: Sara Carvalho
Institution: University Aveiro/NOVA CLUNL

Une approche terminologique pour l’organisation, la représentation et le partage des connaissances sur le trouble dysmorphique corporel
Authors: Federica Vezzani; Rute Costa
Institutions: Università degli Studi di Padova; Universidade NOVA de Lisboa




Moderator: Niina  Nissila

Testing translation students’ user experience:
Is there a future for terminology databases?

Authors: Ana Ostroški Anić; Martina Bajčić; Larisa Grčić; Ivanka Rajh
Institutions: Institute of Croatian Language and Linguistics; University of Rijeka, Faculty of Law; University of Zadar; University of Zagreb, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences

The terminology of current affairs.
How can we make the terminological project sustainable when the topic is still under debate?

Authors: Marta Grané; Marta Sabater; Sandra Cuadrado
Institution: TERMCAT, Centre de Terminologia

Terminology work in the context of conversational interfaces enabling natural language interaction also in Basque between industrial production machines and operators
Author: Begoña Arrate
Institution: UZEI

Terminologue as a teaching resource for terminology - assessing the user experience
Authors: Úna Bhreathnach; Gearóid Ó Cleircín
Institution: Dublin City University


Coffee break


International Terminology Awards

Mojca Žagar Karer, president of the International Terminology Awards Jury
Winners: M. Araceli Losey and Jorge M. Porras

Presentation of the Journal TSR Terminology Science & Research
By Niina Nissila


General Assembly


El Cercle


Day 2 SUSTAINABILITY 17 November


Walking tour


Moderator: Ana Ostroški Anić

ROUNDTABLE: Learning from the past applying to the future
Maja Bratanić; Teresa Cabré; Susanne Lervad; Fidelma Ní Ghallchobhair; Delyth Prys


Coffee break


Moderator: Sandra Cuadrado

Guide on Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Terminology & Inclusive Writing Guidelines and Resources
Authors: Chantal Reid; Karine Rondeau
Institution: Government of Canada’s Translation Bureau

To gender or not to gender, that is the question: gender-inclusive language in the legal context
Authors: Elisabeth Evers; Natascia Ralli
Institutions: Formerly TH Köln; Eurac Research, Institute for Applied Linguistics

Gender bias in machine translation and what terminologists can do about it
Author: Michal Měchura
Institution: Fairslator




Moderator: Úna Breathnach

Building a bulwark against domain loss through cross-sectoral language policy – successes and remaining challenges of a work in progress
Author: Åse Wetås
Institution: Språkrådet Norway

Onomasiological approach in terminology: giving it up comes at a price
Author: Anca-Marina Velicu
Institution: University of Bucharest

Coherence Creates sustainability -Terminology work in the Nordic Countries
Authors: Anita Nuopponen; Henrik Nilsson
Institutions: University of Vasa; CAG Consoden


Presentation of the volume Terminology: Cognition, language and communication
Teresa Cabré; Mercè Lorente


Coffee break


Moderator: Begoña Arrate

Investigating domain loss: a contrastive study of Italian and Catalan in AI terminology
Authors: Maria Carmen Staiano; Marta Grané
Institutions: Università degli Studi di Macerata; TERMCAT

Terminology in the domain of seafood: A comparative analysis Germany- Spain (ontologies)
Author: Irene Jimenez Alonso
Institution: University of Innsbruck

Are terms in academic research appropriate? Perceptions and opinions of Estonian doctoral students
Authors: Peep Nemvalts; Helena Lemendik
Institutions: Tallinn University; University of Tartu and Tallinn University

Relationship between translators’ research behaviour and the overall target text quality in human translation and post-editing of machine translation
Authors: Márta Lesznyák; Eszter Sermann
Institution: University of Szeged, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences



Henrik Nilsson, President of EAFT
Jordi Bover, Director of TERMCAT