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Linguistic Research in the Fields of Content Development and Documentation

Linguistic Research in the Fields of Content Development and Documentation
Edited by Ágota Fóris and Andrea Bölcskei
KRE – L’Harmattan, Budapest–Paris, 2021. 389 p. ISBN 978-2-343-25167-7

The project was carried out with the close cooperation of terminologists of the Terminology and Communication Research Group at Károli Gáspár University.

The questions regarding specialized languages are important topics in applied linguistics research. A growing number of areas witness the current trend of automation, robotization and artificial intelligence (AI). Therefore, converting information into a form that can be understood by machines is of utmost importance in the future. These three technological advancements require the precise description of languages, consequently, the systematic description of the features of specialized languages is one of the current tasks of linguistics.

This book discusses the changed environment of technical communication, the processes, and the legal and standardization backgrounds. The authors delved into the typological, semantic and lexical features of technical texts in the fields of technical documentation, and also focused on research related to terminology, translation and text analysis, as well as their relevance in higher education in connection with documentation, content development and technical writing.

Authors: Eszter B. Papp, Andrea Bölcskei, Ágnes Czinkóczki, Nóra Csontos, Csilla-Ilona Dér, Andrea Faludi, Ildikó Fehér, Ágota Fóris, Eszter Sermann, Réka Sólyom, Dóra-Mária Tamás


Preface (by Fóris, Ágota)

Part I
Technical Communication

Fóris, Ágota: Content Development and Documentation from the Perspective of Hungarian Linguistics

B. Papp, Eszter: Professional documentation in the 21st century

B. Papp, Eszter: Documentation 4.0

Bölcskei, Andrea: Practices in Technical Communication and the Latest Challenges

Bölcskei, Andrea: What do technical writers do and what do they learn?

Czinkóczki, Ágnes - Fehér, Ildikó: How is technical content created? The lifecycle of technical documentation

Part II
Documentation, Terminology and Translation

Fóris, Ágota – Faludi, Andrea: Relations of documentation and document management with terminology and translation

Fóris, Ágota – Faludi, Andrea: Technical writing and documentation as intralingual technical translation

Kóbor, Márta: Features of texts on websites and characteristics of their translation

Faludi, Andrea: Terminology Work in the Process of Technical Writing and Translation

Tamás, Dóra Mária: Terminology and Documentation in Terminological Databases

Sermann, Eszter: Concepts Related to the Term documentation in Cercaterm, a Catalan Terminological Database

Part III
Technical Texts

Dér, Csilla Ilona: Scientific genres – specialized genres

Csontos, Nóra: Technical texts from the perspective of text typology. Text typology analysis of instruction manuals

Csontos, Nóra: Means of Sharing Knowledge in Technical Texts: A Possible Interpretation of the Technical Text Types

Czinkóczki, Ágnes – Fehér, Ildikó: Types and Characteristics of Technical Texts

Sólyom, Réka: Semantic Features in the Terms of the Hungarian Version of an EU Regulation

Sólyom, Réka: Conceptual metaphors and metonymies in a technical text related to quality management systems

Dér, Csilla Ilona: About the Usage of Discourse Markers in Architectural Technical Documentation

Terminology and linguistic mediation: book launch

The volume Terminologia e mediação linguística: métodos, práticas e atividades (Terminology and linguistic mediation: methods, practices and activities) – edited by Manuel Célio Conceição (Centro de Investigação em Artes e Comunicação CIAC-UAlg) and Maria Teresa Zanola (Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore) was launched on 8 October at the bookstore FNAC, in the Commercial Centre of Algarve (in Guia), and on Zoom, included in the Program of the REALITER17ths Science Days (Programme-XVIIes-Journées-Jornadas-REALITER.pdf). This book gathers papers presented at the 15ths REALITER Science Days in September 2019 (hosted by the Universidad do Algarve, in Portugal). A very comprehensive review was presented, in an impeccable Portuguese, by Etienne Quillot (representative of the DGLFLF, French Ministry of Culture, and member of the scientific committee of the Pan-latin Terminology Network).

Book in honour of Maja Bratanić

The book Svijet od riječi. Terminološki i leksikografski ogledi [A world made of words. Terminological and lexicographic discussions], a festschrift in honour of the EAFT's long-time member Maja Bratanić, was presented on September 22 in the beautiful setting of the Museum of Arts and Crafts in Zagreb. The book, edited by Ivana Brač and Ana Ostroški Anić, was presented by Maja's close colleagues, Marko Tadić, Velimir Piškorec and Bernardina Petrović, each focusing on a different period of her carreer.

The collection of 27 papers on topics in lexicography, lexicology, terminology and terminography was prepared within a research project the Dynamicitiy of Specialized Knowledge Categories (DIKA), financed by the Croatian Science Foundation. It includes several papers written by some of the EAFT's well- known members: Delyth Prys, Teagu Andrews and Gruff Prys, Ágota Fóris and Eszter B. Papp, Sandra Cuadrado and Ana Ostroški Anić.

Risorse e strumenti per l’elaborazione e la diffusione della terminologia in Italia

Eurac Research has just published the book Risorse e strumenti per l’elaborazione e la diffusione della terminologia in Italia (Resources and tools for terminology work and terminology dissemination in Italy), edited by Elena Chiocchetti and Natascia Ralli.